C13 8016

Manufactured 2011

Currently spinning Viscose and polyester-cotton; 2 machines have cotton option


Draft gauge                                            Standard(1.5 inch)

Number of spindle                                  80sp

Creel(size of sliver cans)                        φ16"cans(2 line)

Number of splicing carriages                  3heads

Main spinning material                            Viscose

Sub spinning material                             Polyester,Cotton

Main yarn count                                      Ne15-40

Waxing device                                       【With】

Wax inner diameter                                 φ15

Clearing device                                     【FFD】

Direction of exhaust flow                        from MC to floor

Direction of electric service                    from floor to MC

Direction of compressed air sourse        from floor to MC

Gear box pulley                                       High speed(250m/min〜450m/min)

Traverse cam box                                   Cone

Automatic Doffer                                     1 Doffer

Machine direction                                    L-h

Package conveyor                                   With

Package conveyor direction                    L → R

【Package lifter】                                    with

Traverse length                                        6 inch

Take up angle                                           4°20′

Power source frequency                           50Hz

Power source voltage                               380V

Splicing device                                          Splicer

Splice monitor                                           【With】

Installed Splicer nozzle                              G2Z

Installed Front plate                                   FB1

Installed Yarn holding lever                        H

Installed Untwisting pipe                            N2

Installed Splicer Cutter                               Standard Cutter

Installed Untwisting pipe setting(twist)        Z0

Installed Untwisting pipe position                ±0


Murata trained engineers available to supervise installation if required.