Spinning Machinery

Complete Ring Spinning Plant for Coarse Counts 

Ref: C10 7928

11,232 spindles

Mostly 2001/2002

Ring Spinning Machines Zinser 351 linked to Autoconer X5

‚ÄčRef: C12 7961

manufactured 2014

1,252 spindles each

linked to Schlafhorst Autoconer X5

manufactured 2014

Complete Open End Spinning Plant

Ref: C10 7935

With 2400 Schlafhorst SE12 spinboxes,

spinning100% Viscose and cotton/Pes blends

is running now

Complete Open End Plant with 10 Schlafhorst Aco 288-SE9

Ref: C10 7423

Running %100 Cotton

Trutzschler Blowroom

Rieter Drawframes

Schlafhorst Aco 288 

Complete Rieter Ring Spinning Plant 2002

Ref: C10 7425

20,800 spindles

set up for 100% combed cotton

Production on 100% combed cotton

one-third installed 1998 & two-third installed 2002

Complete Rieter G33 Ring Spinning Plant 24000 spindles 

Ref: C10 7538

All machines 2003 except E65 combers and

one Unilap which are from 2008

18 Rieter C51S cards

8 Murata Cone winders 21C

Complete Rieter Ring Spinning Plant 24000 spindles 2005-6

Ref: C10 7607

12,000 spindles Rieter G33 ring frames

12,000 spindles Rieter K44

Comforspin compact spinning frames

Complete Ring Spinning Dept. 11000 ring spindles 2001

Ref: C10 7610

currently spinning cotton in 30 - 50 Ne counts

The blowroom at this factory feeds this and

other departments and is retained.

Rieter machinery all installed 2001

Complete Cotton Ring Spinning Plant 55,200 Spindles

Ref: C10 7654

29 Rieter C4 cards

Rieter drawing & combing

Rieter flyer frames

Schlafhorst / Murata Cone winders

Complete Rieter Open End Plant 2007-13

Ref: C10 7755

2,840 Rotors

installed with 1,760 rotors R40 in 2007/8

extended addition of 1,080 Rotors R60 in 2013/4.

set up for spinning cotton.

Rieter C-51H Hiper Cards

Ref: C02 7918

4  Rieter C-51H (HiPer Card) 

Year: 2002

Diameter of sliver can: 1000 mm

Height of sliver can: 1000 mm

Complete Rieter Ring Spinning Plant 32,640 spindles 2008

Ref: C10 7888

Complete Rieter cotton blowroom

Rieter C60 cards

Rieter drawing & combing

Murata Cone winding machines

Complete Trutzschler-Schlafhorst Open End Spinning Plant

Ref: C10 7903

Trutzschler Cotton Blow room

12 Trutzschler DK903 Cards

10 Trutzschler HSR100 draw frames

Open End Spinning Frame 1560 +960 rotors

Complete Rieter Ring Spinning Plant 24,000 spindles

Ref: C10 7904

Year 2003-2012-2017

at Average Ne 30/1, 15.000 kg/day production

Rieter ring spinning frames

Rieter company ring spinning frames

6 x Zinser RM Ring Spinning Frames

Ref: C12 7856

Year 1997

1200 spindles

200 MM tube length

40 MM T1 Flange rings

12 Rieter R40 Open End Spinning Frames

Ref: C13 7850

6 Rieter R40 Open End Spinning Frames

Year 2007

6 Rieter R40 Open End Spinning Frames

Year 2004

3 Rieter R40 Open end spinning frames

Ref: C13 7883

Year 2006



ROTORS type 33 XTBD (DIA 31 MM)

Murata Cone Winder 21C

Ref: C21 7977

Year 2002

60 heads (right hand machine)

Loepfe TK940F Yarn Clearers

Double trunk feeding type BF

Saurer Hamel Twisters

Ref: C14 7978

1 x Saurer Hamel Assembly winder

Year 1999

3 x Saurer Hamel Twisting machine

Three for one Type TT180

Saurer-Hamel Elasto Twisters

Ref: C14 7980

1 x Saurer-Hamel Doubling machine 1996

3 x Saurer-Hamel Twisters 1996

1 x Saurer-Hamel Doubling Machine 1999

3 x Saurer-Hamel Elasto - twisters 2000

Volkman Twisters

Ref: C14 7979

3 x SSM Assembly winders 1995

10 x Saurer-Volkman Twisters 1995 Model

Type  VTS 08 OS

Rieter Combing Line

Ref: C04 7982

2 x Rieter Unilap type E32 , 2003

12 x Rieter Combers type E62 2003

Schott & Meissner Thermobonding Line Year 2012

Ref: C09 7984

Working width 3400mm

This line is in `as new` condition

and has never been installed.

6 x Rieter K44 Compact Ring Spinning Frames

C12 7985

Manufactured 2007 (1 x2005)

1200 Ring Spindles

Roboload Automatic doffing

Rieter G33  Ring Spinning Frame

Ref: C12 7986

Manufactured 2002

1200 Ring Spindles


Automatic doffing

4 Rieter E62 Combers

Ref: C04 7987

Type E62, 2002

Sliver monitoring with

separate sensor for each head
Automatic can changer

Complete Rieter Compact Ring Spinning Plant

Ref: C10 7994

26,200 compact ring spindles 

2003 with later additions

For medium to fine counts of 100% combed cotton

Murata Vortex Spinning Frames

Ref: C13 7999

4 Murata Vortex Spinning Frames

Type 861

1 Murata Vortex Spinning Frame

Type 851

Complete LMW Ring Spinning Plant

Ref: C10 8006

26112 spindles

year 2013

c. 5000kgs per day medium to fine counts

Complete Plant for Coarse Count Yarns (Denim yarns)

Ref: C10 8007

for coarse count and denim yars

year 2002/5

15,120 spindles

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