Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Machinery

Babcock Stenter Type 5000-5800 Year 1990

Ref: A14 7604

8 chambers,gas fired.

3200mm max. width.

New gas heating system installed 2005

Horizontal return pin chain (originally pin/clip)

Greenville Steel Chain Mercerizer

Ref: A02 7914

1800mm Working Width.
Entry with Scray

Clip chain stenter frame


Kusters Open Width Continuous Bleaching Line

Ref: A03 7676

Max fabric width 3200mm ,
roller width 3400mm
Manufactured 2001
A-frame debatcher

Monforts -Kuster Pad Thermosol

Ref: A04 7626

Working width 2400mm

A frame de batcher KUSTER

Monforts Thermex 8-8/8 hot flue

Exit with cooling zone

Kuster Dye Padder Type 222.11.2400

Ref: A04 7667

Spare parts for Kuster Dye Paddler

2 swimming rollers

Siemens simatic panel

2 Intorq electro magnetic brakes 1 new 1 used

Kuster Pad Steam Dyeing Open Width Washing Range

Ref: A04 7907

Roller width 3000mm

Max working width 2800mm

Year 1997 Rebuilt by Kusters 2004


Kusters Pad Steam Dyeing Open Width Washing Range

Ref: A04 7913

Roller width 2000mm

max working width 1800mm


Complete Denim Indigo Dyeing Weaving Finishing factory

Ref: A80 8008

modern, high production denim cloth factory

production of 1.5m metres per month

produces premium denim cloth for big brands



Erbatech / Brückner Continuous Open Width Washer

Ref: A05 7847

Type SCOUT TR3 Year 2000

Roller width 2600mm Max.fabric with: 2400mm

3 washing compartments

Complete Coating Plant

Ref: A30 7969

4.000 m²  production capacity

3 coating lines - widths up to 240 cm/280cm

Capacity of approximately 6 million m²

of coating a year (Blackout for roller blinds)


Arioli Loop Steam Ager 3200mm

Ref: A06 7548


Max. working width 3200mm.

Cloth content approx. 350mts

Entry with High gantry

Zimmer Rotary Printer 2800mm Year 1986

Ref: A07 7631

Model RM II/62 Magnet System

Max. Working Width 2.85 m

12 position bed ,12 Colours, all installed.

Printing Heads Overhauled in 1994

Zimmer Rotary Screen Printing machine 3200mm

Ref: A07 7683

Type Rotascreen II

manufactured 2001

Maximum printing width 3200mm

Surface driven A-frame debatching device

Zimmer Rotary Screen Printer Type Rota -TG/54

Ref: A07 7901

Year: 2006 Width: 260 cm.

Magnet system squeegees.

Closed bearing system.

Individual width adjustment of both printing heads.

Complete Finishing Line for Denim Fabrics

Ref: A30 7925

Production stopped in July 2018

Working Width 1.8 m

Year of machines are nearly all 2004




Master Indigo Dyeing Line

Ref: A80 7939

For continuous dyeing and treatment

for modern denims
Roller width 1800mm
Installed 2004

BABCOCK 7 Bay Gas Fired Stenter

Ref: A14 7891

Horizontal Return Chain Pin / clip

Model 5000-5400

Year 1994

Max width 1600mm

BRUCKNER Stenter 4 Bay

Ref: A14 7892

gas fired

Horizontal Pin/Clip Chain. Year 1988

Working Width 3000mm

High entry Bruckner 2 bowl Padder

Complete Terry Dyeing & Finishing Plant

Ref: A70 7867

Production of high quality terry towel.
This is a complete and well equipped dyeing and finishing plant.
The machinery is for sale as one complete lot 

Bruckner Stenter Working width 2200mm

Ref: A14 7851

Type VN

6 Chambers

Year 1997


Goller Wumag Pad Dry Range 3200mm

Ref: A15 7539

Year 1999

Roller Width 3.4 m,

max working width 3200mm

9 WUMAG Drying Cylinders

Vollenweider Shearing Machine 3200mm

Ref: A20 7540

Model "Super Duplo Scantex" Year 1985

2 Shearing cylinders, width width 3200mm .

High entry with tension rollers,edge guiders

Complete Denim Dyeing & Finishing Plant from EC


Master Indigo Dyeing line
Complete Finishing Line for Denim Fabrics
Bruckner Stenter Frame




Thies TRD Soft flow Jet Dyeing Machine

Ref: A24 7893

Year 2004

Type 140/2 H.T 2 Tubes ,4 ropes .

Capacity approx.. 400kg.

Model Soft - TRD DS XL

4 Thies TRD Softflow dyeing machines

Ref: A24 7894

Year 2005

Type 140/1 H.T 1 Tube

2 ropes . Capacity approx.. 200kg.

Model Soft - TRD DS XL N

2 THIES Softflow dyeing machines

Ref: A24 7895

Year 2003

Type 140/2 H.T 2 Tubes ,4 ropes .

Capacity approx.. 400kg.

Model Soft - TRD DS XL

Thies Sample dyeing machine

Ref: A24 7896

Year 2005

Type sample jet H.T 1 Tubes ,4 ropes .

Capacity approx.. 30/75kg.

Model Soft - TRD

Korting Caustic Recovery Unit

Ref: A30 7912

Year 1986

Heat exchangers ,

Pumps ,Control Valves,

Evaporator ,Separator.

VEA Steam Boiler

Ref: A30 7835

Model Univex - 40. Year 2008

2.6MW , 4 TONNES /HR 13

BAR, Weishaupt Gas burner.

Bruckner Galaxy Washing Bleaching Machine

Ref: A31 7880

Galxy II 500 year 2000

Roller width 1400mm

High entry with TUBLOW air balloon device.

Chemical impregnation vessel

Reggiani Sintesi Rotary Screen Printer

Ref: A07 7958

1800mm max print width 10 colours,

Entry with dust extraction unit,

curved plate Thermoplast

Ramisch Kleinewefers Calender

Ref: A17 7976

An interesting calender in very good condition

for the year. Equipped with friction drive 30% ,

and a Schreiner engraved roller

for special finishes


Stork Rotary Printer with Glitter & Flocking Units

Ref: A07 7956

High entry with A frame de batcher ,

dust extraction unit

E+L Edge guiders + uncurlers


Complete Denim Fabric Finishing Plant

Ref: A80 7996

Samit open width chainless

Mercerising and Washing line

IL Sung Stenter line

POON KWANG Sanforiser



Santex Santashrink Dryer

Ref: A15 7962

Type Santashrink Jumbo 1K/280

Gas heated

1 chamber

Roller width 300cm



Buser flat Bed Screen Printing Machine

Ref: A08 7967

Manufactured 2007

Type 2490- 24/12/L

Good size for printing towels



Cibitex Sanforiser

Ref: A21 7940


Entrance unit

with J-box and E&L KF20 fabric edge guiders



Corino brushing & beating unit

Ref: A30 7959


Double box arrangement for

processing back and face of fabrics.

Can be used for cleaning up fabrics

Monti Antonio Sublimatic Thermoprinter

Ref: A09 7940

Model 93/2000

Year 2007

Roller width 2000mm

Salvade Print Steamer Year 1997

Ref: A06 7945

Roller width 2300mm.

Blanket width 2150mm.

Cloth content approx. 400mts.

Steam heated with Gas Super Heater.

Bruckner Stenter Frame

Ref: A14 7942

Manufactured 2004 ,

used on 1 shift , 5 days per week

Max fabric width 200cm


Weko Rotor Damping System

Ref: A30 7947

Type compact III

Year 2005

Rarely offered as ancillary equipment

Master Indigo Dyeing & Sizing Line

Ref: A80 8010

Manufactured 1996

but well maintained and updated

Beam creel for 12 warp beam

Wetting out trough


Master Looptex Indigo Dyeing Line

Ref: A80 8011

With additional system for cones for knitting

All systems have been updated several times in recent years to be in optimal working condition, lately in 2010.


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