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Complete modern dyeing & finishing plant for woven wool & blends-cotton poly-viscose blends

A80 9129

Complete factory for the dyeing and finishing of woven fabrics for menswear and ladieswear

mainly wool  and wool blends for tailoring

poly-viscose blends for trousers-jackets-tailoring

linen and linen blends  for tailoring

cotton blends for casuals and smartwear

all as yarn dyed or piece dyed

Please see information on the major items of machinery available at this complete unit for yarn dyeing and for fabric dyeing and finishing.

Some Picanol Optimax looms may also be available from this factory but they will not be sold separately.

In addition to this machinery there is quite a big laboratory.

It may be feasible that the yarn dyeing ( together with appropriate lab equipment) can be sold separately.

Ref A80 9129



8 Dilmenler DMS04 Yarn Dyeing machines , 2006-7

( 2 x 500kg, 1 x300kg, 1 x 200kg, 1 x 100kg, 1 x 50kg, 1 x 10kg, 1 x 2kg)

1 Dilmenler DMS 14 BH Rapid Yarn Dryer , 2007


Dilmenler DMS 10A Slitting and squeezing machine, 2006

Dilmenler Overflow Dyeing Machine , 400kg, 2007

2 x Fongs Dyeing Machine type Eco 8 D2T, 2014

Fongs Sample Dyeing Machine type Allfit30

Atac sample Dyeing machine

Scales, dry cleaning machine, etc

Osthoff – Goller Fabric singe , desize and washing line, 2004

Dilmenler DMS05 Jumbo Relax Drying Machine, 2004

Sperotto Rimar Universa Fabric relaxing , steaming and shrinking machine, 2003

Monforts Stenter Line , 2004,

Monforts Stenter type 6000-8F

Exhaust gas filtration system, Erkamax 2022

Biella Shrunk KD Cadet HQ95 , shrinking machine, 2000

Monforts Sanforising machine

Sperotto Rimar Decofas Ultrafinish Decatising machine , 2008

Lafer-Turk Raising Machine, 2006

Manufacturers brochures for this machinery ;  click the link below.

ALLFIT Medium Batch Dyeing Machine

CD Cadet

DMS04 Yarn dyeing

DMS05 Jumbo Relax Dryer

DMS10 Slitting & Squeezing machine

DMS11 Fabric dyeing machine Jumbo

DMS14 Rapid Yarn  Dryer

ECO-8 Multi Rope Soft Dyeing Machine

Sperotto-Rimar Decofast-4.0

Sperotto-Rimar Universa

Zonco flexicom & Zonco Flexirapid

This machinery is offered in one lot or perhaps the yarn dyeing can be separated.

Please let me know if this is of interest to you.

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