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A21 7940

It is difficult to find sanforisers that are suitable for denims and other heavy fabrics. The speed of a sanforiser is limited by the speed of the fabric drying on the Palmer Calender. For faster production a larger diameter cylinder is required. This sanforiser has a cylinder diameter of 2500mm and hence high production.




Entrance unit

  with J-box and E&L KF20 fabric edge guiders

Draw roller

Perforated fabric steaming cylinder

Weko water spray unit

Pup clip tenter

Rubber belt shrinking unit

  With belt grinding device

Palmer Calender 2500mm diameter

   2 blanket drying syteam heated cylinders

2 Water cooled stainless steel cylinders

Mahlo skew monitor

Exit J-box and A-frame winder

   with  E&L fabric edge guiders

Control panel with shrinkage indicator


Immediate delivery

Location EC

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