A80 8011

With additional system for cones for knitting


ENOVA Warper, year 2000

- COMSA Creel with 546 positions, air controlled with ELTEK automatic break detection and

stopping system.

- -Electrojet Top air cleaning system for the creel

- - Beams width 100 cmts, 180 cmts wide

- - 42 warp Beams


- (100 cm diameter beams)

- COMSA creel 650 positions

- stopping unit ELTEK. Electrojet aspirator system



Looptex System made by MASTER Machinery (Italy).

Year : 1989

Warp beams width of 180 cm


Usually producing 2400mm or 2200 mm weaving beams (Max 3000mm possible)

All systems have been updated several times in recent years to be in optimal working condition, lately in 2010.

Dye machine standard work speed 35 mts/min.

Normally dye lots are of approx 6tn to 8 tns.


Two beam creels, each for 12 warp beams

Creels are moved from each side in order

to have one in preparation while the other is working

- Banana unit for width control

- 1 Padder for tension control

- Tension and speed regulation unit

- 1 Tank for Preparation, caustification or dyeing box

        with squeezing rolls, with dosing system.

         Heating system with indirect steam

- 1 Multi roller dwell/tension arrangement for caustification.

- Tension and speed regulation unit

- 3 Tanks each with squeezing rolls

           indirect steam heating system,

           tension and speed regulation unit.

          Last tank with dosing system

- 1 Tanks for Indigo dye (1.700 litres)

            with horizontal squeezing rolls

- Automatic Hydrosulphite feeding system

- Automatic liquid indigo feeding system.

           Dosapro pump driven by metering system

- Metron Titration unit for Indigo & Hydrosulphite control

- Shimatzo spectrophotometer for Indigo control

- Automatic Caustic Soda feeding system

- 6 loop system that drives the yarn up to 6 times around the machine for oxidation and into the Indigo Dye Tank.

Each loop 60 mts length

- Tension and speed regulation unit

- 1 air oxidation system 60 mts

- 1 Double Tank for over dye applications & washing.

          With Intermediate and final squeezing rolls

           Heating system with indirect steam.

- Tension and speed regulation unit

- 1 Double Tank for fixing , softening or washing

         With Intermediate squeezing

         Equipped with dosing system.

          Heating system with indirect steam.

- 1 Drying Unit with 10 steam heated cylinders

          Mahlo drying controlling system

- 1 Draw nip for tension control

- 1 J-box accumulator with 200 m capacity

- 1 Draw nip for tension control


Route for Yarns for Knitting

- 1 creel with 12 beams, each with individual speed and tension control system

- 36 beams , 180 cm wide (with intermediate separator 100 cm wide)

On each beam we roll 400 yarns; 200 on one side , then a separator and the other 200 on the other side. These beams then go through to a beam to cone winding arrangement.


Alternate Route for Yarns for Weaving


After the multiple beams creel used for the indigo on cones and in line with the Indigo machine there is a sizing unit to size the warps on the loom beams if desired.

- Sucker – Müller Sizing machine 3.400 mm max width, for beams of 1000 mm diameter.

16 drying steam drums, first drums with Teflon covered.

Cooking kitchen for preparation of the sizing.

- Mahlo system to control humidity



- Dye Kitchens for with all the different tanks and pumps for Indigo preparation, indigo storage , black topping and bottoming.

- Caustic Soda dosing system for the caustification unit

- Electrical cabinets for all the systems with Air Conditioning

- UPS with enough power to avoid small (micro) power cuts affecting the whole machine

- All machine have been updated several times for optimum work

- Spare parts for most of the machine: beams, rollers, pumps


Cone Winding of Indigo Dyed Yarns for Knitting

A total of 1.400 bobbin rewind positions.

6 rewinding systems.

       Each system has 4 elements: Beam unroller,

       Yarn break detection, speed synchroniser

       and cone winding machine

      with the winding supports for each bobbin.

Working speed 100 m/min.