A80 8008

We are pleased to offer this unusual opportunity of a modern, high production denim cloth factory available for sale. The factory has a production of 1.5m metres per month, which can be increased, and produces premium denim cloth for some of the big brands.


There is also a spinning mill in another building which we have listed separately.


If you are interested to buy the whole lot or just a part of it we would be pleased to hear from you.


A80 8008

Complete Weaving Plant for Denim


36 Sulzer reinforced Looms type P7150

     24 Looms type B360 N2 EP R D1, year 2000

     12 Looms type B390 N2 EP R D1, year 2001

      All with 2 pre-winders, cam box (max 10),

           2 sets of Lenos, split beams,

           6 rows warp stop droppers

           Off loom batching motions

       Currently running two widths at 325ppm.

       Running plain and stretch denims

       Overhead travelling cleaners, knotting frames, etc


45 Picanol Optimax Looms, 2013

45 Picanol Optimax-i Looms, 2016

34 Picanol Optimax-i Looms, 2018

All 220cm, 4 colour, dobby

All with Neuenhauser off loom batching motions


2 Benninger Sizing Machines, manufactured 1998 and 2000 but very recently updated at a big cost with new electrical and control systems.


Complete Indigo Dyeing


Ball Warping

3 McCoy Ellison 24 Rope Ball Warping Machines,

       type 680, 2004

3 West Point 24 Rope Ball Warping Machines,

       type MBW4800, 2005

complete with creels for 468/504 ends


Indigo Dyeing

2 Morrison 24 rope Indigo Dyeing Lines

     2004 and 2005

    84inch roller width

    Pretreatment (Mercerising/Bottoming) unit

    Steamer for bottoming

    3 (5) washing boxes

    8 (10) dye boxes

          with overhead skying oxidising roller arrangement

    3 (4) wash boxes after dyeing

    1 softener box

    Steamer for topping

    36 stainless steel drying cylinders in enclosed cabinet

          3 x12

     6 Yarn coiling units

     Automatic control system

     Circulation pumps

     Tanks for dyes, chemicals and storage

         With liquid indigo automated system


Long Chain Beamers

7 McCoy Ellison Long Chain Beamers, type 103, 2004

5 West Point Long Chain Beamers type MRB7200, 2005


Dyeing laboratory


Complete Denim Cloth Finishing Plant

Osthoff Singeing Machine

Morrison Singe/Wash/Dry Line, 2004

Morrison Pad-Steam Line , for overdyeing and caustification

    impregnation,steaming, oxidising, 7 wash boxes, 2005

Monforts Thermex heat treatment for stabilising stretch, 2005

Montex 6000 Stenter, Eco Applicator, 10 chambers,

       gas heated, 2005

Montex 6500 Stenter, with Thermex and knife coating,

       6 chambers, gas heated, 2007

2 Morrison Sanforisers, with Weko wetting out

       and 84” Palmer calender drum diameter, 2004/5

Andritz Kuster Calender , 2 bowls ,

        chromed steel v plastic, electrically heated, 2014

HasGrup Raising machine, 2019



Inspection, Cutting & Packing

7 Inspection machine

5 Cutting Machines

Automatic packing machine

High warehouse racking system with 10m lifts


Laboratory and Washing

Very well equipped extensive laboratory for all tests.


Denim Sample Garment Unit

Denim customers always wish to see a denim fabric in the form of a garment and they like to see the finished article after garment processing. There is here a complete and separate unit with all stitching machines, washing, ozone washing, drying, and even a Jeanology Laser garment cutting/patterning machine. It’s a substantial unit.


4 Boilers, gas heated, AC plants, Chillers, Compressors

3 Effluent Treatment Plants

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