A31 7880

Comprising :

High entry with TUBLOW air balloon device.

Chemical impregnation vessel

Demineralisation and washing unit

2 Washing tanks with intermediate squeezers

3 Tier pad steam bleaching zone

5 Washing tanks with intermediate squeezers

Exit with TUBLOW air balloon device , final heavy squeeze , plaiter.


GALAXY bleaching and washing ,high productivity and low water, energy and chemical consumption.for circular knitted fabrics.

• Shiny products surface -- no pilling

• Lowest consumption data

• Tensionless treatment process

• Excellent washing and bleaching results

• Long-lasting machines quality

• No risk of crease marks


The modules are as follows:

Demineralisation: The demineralisation prepares the fabric for the following bleaching. Harmful minerals from the cotton are removed. The salient features are: Thorough impregnation with ballooning system; Adjustable dwelling time (up to 10 min); Thorough removal of various oils, as well as iron, calcium and magnesium; Low water and energy consumption; Relaxed fabric transport.

Pad steam bleaching: The steamer is designed as a 3-tier or a 1-tier, spending on the required capacity. Each tier, depending on the required capacity, is equipped with a transport table for gentle fabric handling. The steaming time can be adjusted between 15 and 30 min, and the steamer is operated with saturated atmospheric steam. The key features are: Controlled fabric passage and plaiting down; Saturated steam atmosphere; Adjustable steaming time (up to 30 min); Transport tables for gentle fabric treatment; Suitable for full-white bleach.

Washing after bleaching: The washing compartment is used for various processes like intermediate washing prior to and after bleaching, neutralisation of mercerised fabric before bleaching and washing processes after dyeing. The salient features are: Relaxed fabric transport; Long reaction time; Washing in counter flow; Indirect heating in each compartment; Quick bath renewal.

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