Monforts Stenter Year 2010

A14 1002

Monforts Stenter 2000 mm 

8 Chamber gas Heated Year 2010. 

Pin/Clip chain.

Comprising :

Entry zone with Axial Unwinder with Hydraulic Breaking Unit .

Corino Centering Device Model FLC4 + 1 A&B Tech accumulator.

Essetex 2 Drum Washing Unit RTM .KUSTER 2 Bowl Padder 1800 mm model 222.50.

Mahlo Weft Straightner Model Orthomat (ORTHOPAC= RFMC (RVMC)-12 /FMC-12 with 4 heads at inlet and 4 heads exit.

Monforts Stenter MONTEX 6500 Twin Air 8 Chamber 2000 mm.Horizontal Chain Pins /clips .Gas Heated.

Entry zone 4500 mm .s 2 TANDEMATIC uncurlers .Steaming unit with Monformatic Heatsetting Control.

Integrated Exhaust duct and two integrated heat exchanger AIR/AIR.

Exit zone with

Paganini Feltcalender .2 cooling cylinders A frame batcher and Plaiter